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The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a tremendous upheaval in the fields of health services and education, among others. Information on COVID-19 is extremely dynamic as public health and medical experts continue to learn about what it is, how it truly spreads, who it infects and affects the most, and how we manage it through prevention efforts and innovative treatments. More than ever, faculty, staff, and administrators at CUNY need access to updated, emerging, and credible information to serve as foundation for academic and continuing education/professional development courses, for policy to guide administrative- and health service-related decisions made at the college and university levels, and for educational endeavors in our surrounding communities.

COVID-19 Comprehensive Resource for Education, Health, and Administrative Services: This is an OER document that will provide access to credible, evidence-based COVID-19 medical and technical information (including epidemiological data updates and peer-reviewed publications); prevention and treatment information; course syllabi and lessons; policy “white papers;” research- and practice-based “grey literature;” and local community resources.

Resources will include links to YouTube videos, websites from local, state, federal and international governments and non-governmental organizations (NGOs); health and medical websites; community organizations; Creative Commons resources; and other relevant and factual material from credible, unbiased sources.

The purpose of this Resource is to provide faculty, staff, and administrators at CUNY with a one-stop “hub” for unbiased and credible information related to COVID-19. For faculty, especially, this Resource can provide OER materials they can use in their classes for lessons focused on COVID-19 and its impacts on our communities, further reducing the need for textbooks that can become outdated very quickly.

January 2021 Update: The Resource listing has been reorganized into topical categories for easier navigation.

February 2021 Update: The Resource listing has been updated with new articles and resources with live updates. Special reports and websites with live updates are now highlighted in bold.

This project has been funded by CUNY for AY 2020-2021 using New York State OER Funding. (Go to  https://www.cuny.edu/libraries/open-educational-resources/ for more information on this funding initiative.)

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Jose Nanin (CUNY Kingsborough Community College), COVID-19 Comprehensive Resource for Education, Health, and Administrative Services, CC BY-NC-SA 4.0